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Since I was young, I always felt a deep connection and curiosity about life. In pursuit to answer life's most intriguing questions, I studied various forms of healing and human psychology of motivation and change for over 20 years with authorities in the field of NLP, Numerology, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Practices, Healing Modalities, Quantum Shamanism, Mediumship and many more. My business background is in Business Management Administration, Project Management Office Support, Executive Assistance, and the HR field. 

Combining my business experience and my personal quest to understand the mysteries of the creation of the Universe, I reopened my awareness of our multi-dimensionality. I became an observer of the signs of the universe to decode the messages. We are all multi-dimensional beings, living in this multi-dimensionality. Through this connection, I believe every person has the ability to be in the multi-dimensional awareness, at any time. When in this awareness, we are able to understand all the answers to what we seek.


Creating my own method based on Transpersonal Healing, which intergrades the spiritual and the transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology, including the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies. When I work with the soul, I open my multi-dimensional abilities to see, hear, and feel, where the stored energy is, which is blocking the energy flow in their physical, mental, emotional, heart or energetic body. Then using various techniques and the information we receive; the clients are able to release their own blocks and transform the energy to become a resource in supporting them in their heart’s desires. In my work, I have experienced deep healing, and transformation on all levels. 

"Imagine living your life with your heart open... To see, hear and feel everything with love... This is the path to living in the multi-dimensions."

- Envita Rose 


"Life is giving you what you chose to heal. You are capable to heal everything and close your cycles."

- Envita Rose 



We are all here to heal and close cycles. You have been given all the resources to understand your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and actions, to transform blocked energy to support you in achieving what your heart desires.

Work with us to transzen your life and activate your multidimensional abilities.

Everything is connected and the success of your business is linked to your inner beliefs. At our core foundation we are given what we need, but do not access or apply our inner resources. We support your business in shifting your inner beliefs and connecting to your inner foundation, to apply in your business and be the foundation of your success.

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Life changing retreat in Egypt in April 2022. 

Together with TransZen team we created a very unique Transformational Mastermind Retreat to master the art of self-healing, self-leadership and self-transformation. 

Embark on a journey where you will experience an Ancient Egyptian Healing Technique at a secret sacred site exclusive to our group. Learn proven techniques on how to direct change, create a life you love and be an authority in your field. This once in a lifetime retreat will shift your paradigms and expand your consciousness on multi-levels. 

To CREATE our FUTURE, we shall HEAL our PAST, by doing the WORK in the PRESENT.

Transform the energy in your personal and professional space by harnessing and wielding the energies of crystal combined with a ritual for purification, to transform the energy in your home and office.

As all is energy in a form of potential energy (stored or blocked energy) or kinetic energy (flowing energy), you many have felt when the energy in your surrounding becomes stagnant, it feels dense and can even affect the way you feel. When you cleanse your personal space with a ritual for purification it opens up the stored energy to flow again and join with the natural geometry of the crystals is anchors your intention, having a positive long-term effect on your home or office.

Contact us today to set up your personal consultation and arrange your bespoke ceremony for your home or office.​



Clever Gesund

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8840 Eindiedeln


Tel: +41 (0)76 417 00 15

Email: hello@envitarose.com

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Couples Story in London

Envita took me and my husband aside to do a small ritual… We were releasing things that we did not even know we needed to release...

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Personal Story in LA

It was dealing with muscle testing and connecting to unconditional love.. Taking me through all stages of my life... 

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Couples Story in LA

It was extremely powerful to connect with myself and envision myself as a baby.. and feel whole... I felt the change after...

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Why The F#@k Am I Not Famous in NY

Listen to Envita's guest appearance discussing applying mindfulness practice to deepen your intimate relationship, advice on unconditional love in a conditioned based relationship and learn how to manifest!


Guest Speaker for Lebenskraft in Zurich

Watch Envita as a guest speaker for the oldest spiritual event in Switzerland and hear form the leading healers and doctors about quantum healing positive effects in our life. 

​*Note this recording is in German.

Interviewed by
an Angel in LA

Join Envita at the Conscious Life Expo in LA interviewed by Angel Ribo explaining what is Transpersonal Healing Therapy and Epi Genetics. 

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BOOK with

Envita is honored to be part of the authorities book series and co-create with Les Brown. As one of the top motivational speakers and best-selling author of the book Live Your Dreams. Les has touched over millions of people, encouraging them to follow their dreams and reach their greatness! 


Below our surface we are multidimensional beings, and always have been, but many of us have disconnected ourselves from what we truly are and therefore we are not accessing all the resources that are available to us right here, right now. This can make living life seem hard, and the struggle is real. The fact is when we access the multidimensionality, we can directly connect to the creational powers that fill the Universe and transform all energies that are holding us back, and as a result be in a natural flow state. 


In this chapter you will understand what is a multidimensional being, how we are able to connect to the divine creational powers that fill the Universe and are part of you, and the foundations rights for every being.

- Envita Rose 


"Below the surface,

a river flows deep.

One may never know the power and beauty it holds,

and yet it is always there.

Flowing freely."