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Author, International Speaker, Celebrity NLP Coach, Numerologist, Transpersonal Healer, Integrative Body Therapist,

Reiki Energy Healing, Artist, and Visionary.

"Life is giving you, what you are capable of healing.

Trust in your abilities."

Envita Rose


About Me

Since I was young, I always felt a deep connection and curiosity about life. In pursuit to answer life's most intriguing questions, I studied various forms of healing and human psychology of motivation and change for over 20 years with authorities in the field of NLP, Numerology, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Practices, Healing Modalities, Quantum Shamanism, Mediumship and many more.

I believe that everyone, including myself, is responsible for their own reality. This includes the good and the bad. It is not an easy realization, but it is only when you gain this awareness that you attain the power to change things on a foundational level. You have been given everything you need to heal yourself, discover your true purpose and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Interactive Workshop

Join us with world renown Quantum Shaman Simone Gers to embark on a journey in connecting to the souls consciousness of the sacred civilizations of Atlantis. Unlocking the ancient technology of crystal healing.


This special 2hr interactive workshop enables all participants to engage and we request to send your questions in advance to


"A single act of healing, causes a ripple of release and waves of change for the future."

Envita Rose

Our Services

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Integrative Body Therapy

Integrative Body Therapy is a holistic approach to treatment, integrates several modalities in order to increase awareness of the ways the body and the mind relate. This approach connects our clients physical body with their meridians, allowing the body to naturally heal itself and increases their path to self-awareness.

To be booked in person.

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Transpersonal Healing Session

Transpersonal healing is the movement to extend our path of knowledge by relinking to our wholeness of the soul through the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body.

Growth in all areas creates transformation, when you balance your inner and outer world you are fully in the moment aligned with life itself. As this transformation takes place, it opens up your inner heart chamber and awakens your soul’s creation phase of your soul contract. The most extreme example in nature of epigenetics is a butterfly. During the metamorphosis, the larva changes to a butterfly, totally different from its original appearance and metabolism. This is a miracle. Every stage of growth and development is a miracle.

We offer online or in-person.


There is code in life, and through numbers and symbols we are able to uncover key information about our character, possible careers, talents that lay dormant and deeper insights about ourselves and others.


We offer online or in-person.

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Co-Author with an Inspirational Legend


Upcoming Book with Les Brown

Envita is honored to be part of the authorities book series and co-create with Les Brown. As one of the top motivational speakers and best-selling author of the book Live Your Dreams. Les has touched over millions of people, encouraging them to follow their dreams and reach their greatness! 

"You have greatness!"

- Les Brown

"Listen to your heart. Love is the greatest healer and has the power to create new worlds."

Envita Rose

Healing Products


Energy Cell Healing

The E-Chi is an Innovative and All-Natural way to relieve chronic pain, made possible through major scientific breakthroughs and over 30+ of clinical studies.


The Energy Cell influences the cell activity in the body once it is placed on the skin. It enhances cell communication, regeneration and therefore naturally heals. 


"There are infinite possibilites...

The one who has more options is truly free."

Envita Rose


"I appreciate every person that I have had the opportunity to work with... Thank you!."

Envita Rose

People's Stories


Couples Story in London

Envita took me and my husband aside to do a small ritual… We were releasing things that we did not even know we needed to release...

Watch the video to hear the full story..

Personal Story in LA

It was dealing with muscle testing and connecting to unconditional love.. Taking me through all stages of my life... 

Watch the video to hear the full story..

Couples Story in LA

It was extremely powerful to connect with myself and envision myself as a baby.. and feel whole... I felt the change after...

Watch the video to hear the full story..

Guest Speaker for Lebenskraft in Zurich

Watch Envita as a guest speaker for the oldest spiritual event in Switzerland and hear form the leading healers and doctors about quantum healing positive effects in our life. 

*Note this recording is in German.

Interviewed by an Angel in LA

Join Envita at the Conscious Life Expo in LA interviewed by Angel Ribo explaining what is Transpersonal Healing Therapy and Epi Genetics. 

We are multi dimensional and when we take that into consideration when healing, we can reach the layers of the entanglements beyond what we know.

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