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Transpersonal Healing is a type of healing and coaching that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology, including the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Transpersonal Therapy evolved from the humanistic work of Abraham Maslow in the 1960’s. Integrating traditional spiritual rituals and modern psychology.

Everything is a form of energy, as the Law of Conservations states,

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed - only converted from one from to another."

Release Blocked Energy 

Online Course

Are ready to embark on a 6-week course to learn various techniques to help you release and transform blocks so you can have the life, relationship and career you choose to have? 
This course is designed to go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own space and you have life long access to the content and exercises in this course!

Love & Relationships

  • Build More Loving Relationships with Yourself and Others

  • Connect to Your Heart

  • Heal What Has Happened

  • Feel a New Sense of Unconditional Love 

Career & Finances

  • Release Pre-Suppositions that are Preventing the Flow of Money in Your Life

  • Connect to the Pure Engery of Money

  • Feel Supported in Your Career

Happiness & Purpose

  • Mental Balance & Emotional Stability

  • Shift Perspective & Have a New Outlook in Your Life

  • Discover Your Life Purpose & Your Souls Purpose 

4-Weekly Calls (60 minuets)
Exercise Sheets
About Envita Rose  


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Since I was young, I always felt a deep connection and curiosity about life. In my personal journey in seeking the answers to help heal in my personal life and prosper in my professional career, I studied various forms of healing and the impact of human psychology in regard to motivation and change. Over the last 20 years I studied with many authorities in the field of Holistic Therapy, Frequency Medicine, NLP, Inner Child Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Numerology, New Age Mediumship, Quantum Shamanism and many more….

There were times when I fell into cycles that I thought were closed, only to discover there was a deeper layer below that was unresolved. Only when I considered the unseen aspects of energy, was I fully able to close the cycles and transform the patterns.

Whether you believe it or not, everything begins and can end with you. The key to shifting the patterns and closing the cycles lies in the way we feel. You do not only have the master key, but you are the key and hold the knowledge to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Taking the decision to seek guidance takes courage and sometimes the solution to our problems are found through a different consciousness in which they were created. There is tremendous power in healing, and it can have a positive effect on the individual and the loved ones in their close surroundings.

Through observation and experience in my professional and personal life, I created a specific technique to help guide others to helping themselves. In my work, I have seen people transform their personal and professional lives. The foundation is based on Transpersonal Philosophy, which considers the person as a whole.

“There is nothing that we need to add or take away, only to access the wholeness of who we are beyond the self through our consciousness.” - E.R.

Featured at & Worked with Clients From...

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Couples Story in London

Envita took me and my husband aside to do a small ritual… We were releasing things that we did not even know we needed to release...

Watch the video to hear the full story..


Personal Story in LA

It was dealing with muscle testing and connecting to unconditional love.. Taking me through all stages of my life... 

Watch the video to hear the full story..

Couples Story in LA

It was extremely powerful to connect with myself and envision myself as a baby.. and feel whole... I felt the change after...

Watch the video to hear the full story..

Why The F#@k Am I Not Famous in NY

Listen to Envita's guest appearance discussing applying mindfulness practice to deepen your intimate relationship, advice on unconditional love in a conditioned based relationship and learn how to manifest!

Featured On...

Guest Speaker for Lebenskraft in Zurich

Watch Envita as a guest speaker for the oldest spiritual event in Switzerland and hear form the leading healers and doctors about quantum healing positive effects in our life. 

​*Note this recording is in German.


Interviewed by
an Angel in LA

Join Envita at the Conscious Life Expo in LA interviewed by Angel Ribo explaining what is Transpersonal Healing Therapy and Epi Genetics. 

My  —  

Upcoming Book with Les Brown 

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​Envita is honored to be part of the authorities book series and co-create with Les Brown. As one of the top motivational speakers and best-selling author of the book Live Your Dreams. Les has touched over millions of people, encouraging them to follow their dreams and reach their greatness! 
Those who desire personal freedom, shall first liberate themselves.
The one who sees more options is truly free.
Those who wish to heal others, shall begin to heal their own wounds.
Heal yourself to heal others.
Those who wish to eliminate the suffering in the world, shall free themselves from the suffering within.
Love, peace, freedom, safety, and trust emanates from within.
The greatest gift to the evolution of this world, is of your own transformation.

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