Manifesting Magic Course

Week 1: Connect Through The Heart

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We create our realities with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions. It all starts with your initial feeling that leads to a thought, which forms words and leads to your actions. If you acknowledge at the source, "your feelings" you can influence your choices. This knowledge can open up new beginnings, inner-strength, positivity, striving forward, attainment and success.


This may at times require us to step outside of our comfort zones, face our fears and overcome our challenges.


By changing on the inside out, you may experience major changes in your life, clarity on making decisions, personal freedom, adventure, curiosity, expanding what you know and learning important life lessons. 

You are encouraged to go deep within yourself to truly understand your intentions and desires. These exercises will show you new and different ways to approach things with a new-found sense of personal freedom. Focus upon the results you desire as they will come into fruition in due course. When the changes bring what you would like, be open to things getting better.

The timing is right to begin now and take a new direction in your life. A happy outcome and results will follow positive thoughts. The vision you have in your mind is like a blueprint, and your intentions are the key to the magnet frequency that attracts creative energies to fulfill it!

"Acknowledge your feelings, as they speak from your heart! Through the planes of correspondence they harmonize with your thoughts. Extending to your words and manifesting the world all around you."


The first step in creation are your feelings that lead to your thoughts. Based on the first universal principle, "All is Mind". That all creation first began with a thought, which holds a vibration and energy that manifests. "Your thoughts are seeds, plant positive seeds in your mind garden." - Kybalion

When you first wake up take a moment to observe your thoughts without judgement. Also pay attention to any sensations that you have in your body. You can only begin to become proactive in your life, when you acknowledge and understand the thoughts that are going on in your mind and the feelings in your body.

To neutralize your thoughts and the energy structures, you must know the polar opposite of the thought you are thinking. Take every negative thought and ask yourself, what is the opposite positive quality? Then focus on the positive opposite quality and this will begin to shift your mental state, mood, feelings and emotions.


For example, if you feel you will not receive what you want, then focus on feeling worthy and that you deserve what it is that you want. Or if you are fearful of something, do not try to eliminate the feeling of fear, but focus on cultivating the quality of courage. 


In the previous exercise we worked with our Emotional Body and our Mental Body. This next exercises works with the Physical Body and Spiritual Body. 


We are a closed energy source, however we come with dented and split chakras and auras. This can be one of the causes why we feel exhausted or have low energy. There is a simple way you are able to check in with your chakras to see if your system is closed or open, which can result in a loss of energy.


Step 1. Wave your hand, like you are fanning yourself along your core chakras. Do you notice the wind blowing through you? Do you get a light chill? 

If you have a sense the wind is blowing through you, then your system is open. To ensure we retain our energy and optimize its flow in our physical body, etheric body and astral body, we need to cut all cords, cleanse ourselves and protect ourselves. Healing from the inside out! 

Step 2. Cut Cords Exercise (please listen to the video)


Step 3. Imagine a white light that is around you throughout the day and nothing is able to penetrate in. Connect a ray of light from your heart, extending and expanding all around your physical body, your etheric body and your astral body. Please connect to the divine within and ask for the white light to heal and seal all tears, rips and dents. 

Cutting Cord Guided Meditation.mp3


Have you ever needed to do a tasks and kept delaying or postponing it? At times you could find 100 different things to do other than the task, even know if you delay something it might even take longer to do it later on. All of a sudden you get a rush to do the laundry, clean the house, go shopping or meet your friends... When you start the exercises and what you would like to have starts to show up in your life, your system may not be familiar with the new situations and self-sabotaging patterns will start to appear. The things that block us are in our sub-conscious mind, as if we were conscious about them they would no longer be able to block us. Every system that is running has a positive intent, however the original program may no longer serve it's intended purpose and therefor the programs that are running can be incorporated and upgraded. 

To figure out what may come up, please fill out the worksheet that acknowledges the instance and we will later use them in another exercise.

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