Manifesting Magic Course

Week 2: Belief Systems

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The first step in creation is feeling, which manifests as a thought. Based on the first universal principle, "All is Mind", with the New Consciouness we know now all creation first began with a feeling, which holds a vibration and energy that manifests.

When you first wake up take a moment to observe your feelings and thoughts with out judgement. Also pay attention to any sensations that you have in your body. You can only begin to become proactive in your life, when you acknowlede and understand the thoughts that are going on in your mind.  

To neutralized your thoughts and the energy structures, you must know the polar opposite of the thought you are thinking. Take every thought and ask yourself, what is the opposite positive quality? Then focus on opposite quality and this will begin to change your mental state, mood, feelings and emotions.


For example, if you feel you will not recieve what you want, then focus on feeling worthy and that you deserve what it is that you want. Or if you are fearful of something, do not try to eliminate the feeling of fear, but focus on cultivating the quality of courage. 


"You can change your life, by commiting to changing something daily! The secret to your success is commitment."


This week we are going to help uncover your underlying belief systems, so we many revise them to something more suitable in your life. In a way we are upgrading your current programm that is running. 

Here are some common beliefs about each option line.

1.      Love Within

Only when I am with someone, I feel loved.

I am lost when her are not together.

"Love exists within and it cannot be given or taken away."

2.      Health

I don't have self-control.

"You are always in control, unless you choose to give your control to another person, place or thing."

3.      Financial

When I have enough money, I can do the things that I want in life. 

"Money is not provide security or freedom, you do."

4.      Location Where You Live

When I finally can move, then things will get better.

"The location where you live, does not keep you stuck or lets you move."

5.      Partner

When they change, then we will have a better relationship.

"We are all one, and what is around us, is only a mirror of what is inside of us. When you change from within, conditional based love will fall."

6.      Social Life

No one understands me.

"When you engage in life, you say yes to the gift that has been given to you."

7.      Career / Calling in Life 

I don't like my job, and want to do something different, but I don't have the qualifications.

"When you find you true purpose in life, then all will be aligned. The limitations are only the ones you set."

8.      Spiritualty

We are only here during this life time...

"The truth of who you are is immeasurable and infinite, it can only be found when connecting to your inner-heart chamber."

How Beleifs Are Created.mp3


Now that we know what you want and what your core intentions are, we will be linking what you want with your emotions and feelings. 

Please listen to the audio to working backwards from the number 5, using all your senses and list the things that you observe around you.

5- Things you hear

4- Things you see

3- Things you can touch from where you are

2- Things you smell

1- Thing you can taste

In the end please connect a golden triangle, connecting from your heart to your left side of the brain and then the right side of your brain. 

Please see the PDF attached to also imprint the exercise on a deeper level. 

"I have a plan", said the Universe...

"Do you trust me?"


This exercise is designed to walk through he steps of where you are today, and the steps connected to the feelings of what you want in your life. 

For this exercise, please have 5 cards available that you can put on the floor in a row in front of you. 

The first card you will write the unwanted experience or belief that came up in a previous exercise.

The second card will have +1

The third card will have +2

The fourth card will have +3

The last card will have the desired experience written in a positive way. 

As you listen to the audio, you will begin standing on the first marker and then taking each step focusing more am more on the feeling you feel when more of what you want to have starts showing up in your life. 

When you step off the last card, please walk around randomly or do a little dance, before you go back to the first cards again. 

Have fun!

Week 2-Guide 2 Exercise.mp3
Week 2 Change Pattern PS to DS.mp3


This is the final exercise for the week and be creative doing it! Please create a vision board based on your intentions that you re-discovered in Week 1. When you create your vision board use images that represent what you visualized, what sounds you recall hearing, what scents you smelt, what did you imagine tasting and what you felt while you we doing the exercise. 


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