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Week 3: Communicating With Your Unconscious

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As we start becoming more aware of our surroundings, we are able to give our system more information based on our senses when we are doing the change pieces and that will help us become much more effective in creating the change we want. 

When we are engaged in life, it is important that we remember that we respond from our own vision of our reality. Looking out through our filters, we see only a reflection or a perception of our own conscious and unconscious belief systems. 

Our filters, also known as Reticular Activating System or RAS essentially enables us to shape our reality or in some cases upgrade the system that is currently running to something that is more beneficial to us.

What does the RAS actually do?

  • It acts as a filter for all our five senses. The mind constantly processes about 2 million bits of information per second. Thanks to the RAS though, we are able to consciously process a fraction of that (about 120 bits per second)

  • It relegates a bulk of the information perceived by our senses to our unconscious mind

  • Hence the RAS makes it possible to shape one’s reality by focusing on things that are important

The RAS serves a powerful and vital function and one that a lot of people often remain unmindful of. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to focus on anything in our lives as our brains are constantly bombarded with information throughout our lives. In a nut shell, you can think of the RAS as a camera lens as it focuses on a subject and blurs the unnecessary things in the background to produce a good photograph.


"If you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change."


This week we are train on changing our filters. 

Please take a moment and breathe deeply. Then focus on a color that you see near you.

Close your eyes and think of that color for 1 min, breathing deeply.

After a minuet focus on the color and then the different shades that you notice of the same color. 

Close your eyes again and focus on all of the shades of the same color your saw.

Take a moment and walk around for 5 minutes and do you notice the color popping up everywhere? 

If you do not notice any shift in your observation please contact me directly.

RAS Training 1.mp3


  1. In my family, love ___________________________________.

  2. Love makes people __________________________________.

  3. My father thought love was___________________________.

  4. My mother thought love was__________________________.

  5. I’d be more successful if___________________________.

  6. In my family, money_______________________________

  7. Money equals________________________________________.

  8. I’d have more money if______________________________________.

  9. My father thought money was ________________________________.

  10. My mother thought money was _______________________________.

  11. I’d be more successful if _____________________________________.

  12. Love equals _______________________________________________.

  13. Having love is not___________________________.

  14. I’m afraid that if I had money I’d ______________________________.

  15. Money is ______________________________________________.

  16. Money cause______________________________________________.

  17. In order to be more successful, I’d need to ______________________.

  18. Having money is not ___________________________.

  19. In order to have more money, I’d need to ______________________.

  20. I think money _________________________________.

  21. I’m afraid if I had love I’d______________________.

  22. Love equals________________________________.

  23. People in love are____________________________.

  24. My father could never ______________________________.

  25. My mother could never __________________________________.

  26. People think money ___________________________________.

  27. A person can be successful if _____________________________.

  28. I think love____________________________.

  29. A person can be loved if_________________.

  30. Love causes_________________________.

  31. Being broke tells me ________________________________.

  32. Looking through my father’s eyes, I am _______________________.

  33. Looking through my mother’s eyes, I am ________________________.

  34. If I did better than my father financially, then ____________________.

  35. If I did better than my mother financially, then __________________.

  36. Success always _____________________________________.

  37. I deserve ___________________________________.

  38. I don’t deserve ____________________________________.

  39. People deserve to have money if ________________________.

  40. People deserve to have love if_________________________.

To understand why we don’t want to change, we first have to understand what was the positive side of not changing? In the beginning it was a crucial part of our survival. There were only 2 options:

  • Safety

  • Belonging                                                                                          


Whatever choices we made, it was to ensure we were safe and that guaranteed our survival. If we were part of the group then we were safe. If were strayed from the group, there could have been a threat to our lives and also the group. All the choices that we made were based on “WE”. What is best for us?

Initially the tribes thought, they were the only ones until they saw another tribe. This changed everything, and the evolution of “I” came in to place, also known as the evolution of personal consciousness.


Soon the want to have a different experience was born. Causing also conflict, because leaving for something else, meant leaving something else behind.

Since one person could be part of many groups, so came the awareness of guilt and innocence. This plays a key role on what is holding us back.

Even though we have evolved, we are still in the “OLD” mindset. Unconscious we are afraid of change, as we think it may impact our survival, but this structure is no longer a necessary. In fact to thrive in life, we need to change, if we would like to just survive, then you should remain the same.

Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant psychoanalyst, created a model of the series of stages human beings move through on their way to maturation. He calls these Organismic Rights. The more fully developed they are, the more a person can operate in what is called the Smart State, I call is the Creation State. Where all three key parts of our brain are working together and one has behavioral choice. Being in a state of your true nature and purpose of why you are here. The less developed they are, the more likely they will operate in the Critter State.


We are capable of stepping outside the cycle anytime, by knowing and acting on behalf of your TRUE NATURE and PURPOSE. When on behalf of our true nature and purpose, we are able to take a different path.

The cycle explained above existed before we were here and will continue to exist.

It’s not about getting the cycle to equal what you want, but it’s about being OK, even though the cycle continues to happen. To notice that you may get off track and to get back on track again. To be able to not use guilt or innocence, as an indicator of who you are. To return to self-rapport and not being guilty for being off track.

You may identify factors that could be keeping your from finding your purpose in life, you can do specific exercises to acknowledge when this occurs. This will then clear your inner path, so you can listen and continue your inner calling.

We are all born with an internal compass that tells us whether or not we are on the right path to finding our true purpose.


The compass is the experience of:

  • Happiness

  • Joy


This exercise is designed to walk you through a mini constellation to uncover your underlying beliefs related to guilt, innocence and your true purpose.

You will need 3 pieces of paper, which you will write the following words down.

1. True Nature & Purpose

2. Guilt

3. Innocence

Please shuffle the cards behind your back laying them face down on the ground so you are not aware which cards is what. We are trying to uncover the unconscious beliefs, not what we consciously think our relationship is to each state.

Please line them up, side by side and listen to the recording.

Guilt Innocence & True Purpose.mp3


This change pattern is designed to step outside the cycle of feeling "Guilty" or "Innocence",, so we are only able to respond from our "True Nature & Purpose". 

You will need 3 pieces of paper, which you will write the following numbers and then place them in a triangle formation in front of you. When the cards are on the floor, please listen to the recording. 

Change Pattern Stepping Outside the Cycl

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