Manifesting Magic Course

Week 4: Idetifying, Releasing, Transmuting Engery 

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What is energy? 

In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transfered to an object that performs an action. For example the Sun is the source of energy for the most of our Planet. As a star, the Sun is heated to high temperatures by conversion of nuclear binding energy. This energy is ultimately transferred (released) into space in the form of radient energy. 

We are erergy and all that exists around us is a form of energy that is manifested in physical form. Like when air is converted to humidity, which then when condenses is water and can be frozen into a solid state, ice.

Energy is created to be transfered and flow. Our bodies have are a unique combination of enery in a dense mass. We have Chakras in our system that funtion as spinnig wheels that allow our energy to flow within our pyhsical bodies and our light bodies. 


When there is a block in our sytsem, then the natural flow of energy cannot occur. As an outcome this can ascuse various things-:

Stagnat Energy: When ccumuilated can create restrictive thought patterns like fear, envy and jelously.
Lost Energy: This can cause a dissconnect in egnaging in life, unhappiness, loss of motivation and hopelessness.

This week is designed to identify the relationship that we have with our own energy and the energies around us. Using exercises that will release stagnat energy and reclaim lost energy, so we are able to become one within ourselves. 

"Energy is the essence of life. It is within all and it is all."


In this exercise we will be using 3 chairs to represent the energy of:

1. You

2. The Option Line You Choose (Money, Love, etc.)

3. Your Higher Self 

1. Please sit down in the first chair that represents you and directly across from you is the energy of what you choose (Money, Love, etc.). 

What do you notice?

How do you feel? 

Do you notice any connection? 

What are the bodily sensations you are feeling?

What is the main emotion? 

Summarize in one word your belief.

2. When you are ready, then please stand up and leave your energy in the chair and please sit into the 2nd Chair, which represents the energy of Money, Love or what you choose. As you sit in the energy of ....... please answer all of the questions.

What do you notice?

How do you feel? 

Do you notice any connection? 

What are the bodily sensations you are feeling?

What is the main emotion? 

Where is your attention drawn to? Are you looking at the 1st Chair or somewhere else? If somewhere else, where?

Summarize in one word your belief.

3. Then sit in the 3rd Chair who is a wise elder version of you, who has already lived your life. When you sit in the 3rd Chair and observe the relationship you are having with energy of money or love (or what you choose). What would be one positive side of having that experience? Please release all forms of judgement, just simply acknowledge it for what it was.

If you could share any insights and wisdom, what might that message be?

When and if possible, can you build and energetic bridge between the two?

4. After you have been able to understand the positive side of how the relationship was and build an energetic bridge, then please stand up and leave all of that there in the 3rd Chair and please sit back in the 1st Chair. Looking at the energy of Money, Love or what you choose. Can you notice if there was any shift? Do you feel any different? If you observe, is has your posture changed? Or are you breathing deeper?

*If you noticed at any time during the exercise you looked down, then please contact me directly to have a 1-on-1. 

Identifying Energy Blocks 3


As we are beginning to understanding the energies around us, this can awaken a consciousness where we are more in tune of our feelings.

So what do we do when we feel these other energies? When we look at our ancestral line, 7 generations back there may have been a time where our family was not able to identify, release and transmute the energy allowing it to return to its original form of pure, light, source energy. 

Now that we are more in tune, we are able to aid them in shifting the energy, clearing the block and allowing it to flow again. 

When you feel the energy then please do this next exercise. 

Imagine you mother and you father. Then imagine your grandparents on both side. Soon you will see a crown of your ancestors in front of you. It is ok if you do not see them all, just feeling their energy is enough. 

1. Acknowledge them

2. Thank them for coming

3. Show them understanding and appreciation for what the sacrifices they must have made, so you can be where you are today. 

4. Ask them how they are doing.

5. If anyone is lost, hurt, angry or in pain, then let them know, the past is the past. This cannot be changed, the purpose has been served and they no longer have to suffer from the past as they all have the choice to access the source energy of life, love.

6. Imagine opening a channel of light & love. As the channel opens it takes all the suffering and transmutes it into pure, neutral source energy. 

7. Then say you are no longer attached to the past, to the collective trauma. All suffering has been transmuted and you are free to flow, to return to source, if you choose. 

8. Thank them again, for all they have done, overcame and created in their life. Because of this you have a beautiful foundation where you can grow and create in this life time.

9. Ask all, if you have their blessing to make a better life for yourself. Wait for the response. 

10. Let them know you love them and should you need anything you know they are there, if you call upon them.



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