Manifesting Magic Course

Week 5: Change Journey

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When we are able to go within and acknowledge our behavior pattern, then we are able to change our behaviors. Please keep in mind this is a journey not a sprint. Most behaviors you have had since you were a child and everything you experienced had a purpose. There are 5 steps in our journey:

1. Initiation: Awareness a problem exists and is in some way blocking you to move forward in the direction you would like.

2. Preparation: Intent on taking action to address problem

3. Execution: Taking action to change your behavior. When changing the most important part is to update your program to something more useful. To start identify the opposite of what you are experiencing. So what you would like to experience instead?

4. Monitoring: Understanding what the behavior stemmed from and what purpose it served. Our systems are always to keep us:

    - safe

    - loved 

    - happy

When we understand the intention behind the belief, then we are able to update the belief to something more suitable for you.

5. Closure: Check in with your system if they accept the change and allow time to integrate. 

When things start shifting, perhaps it leaves room for an underlying belief system to surface. We are like layers and with each depth a new consciousness is achieved.

"Great things never come from being in your comfort zone."


Some of you many have already been experiencing change. When things start shifting, we can to remain on course. 

This exercise is to focus on the path that we choose and also identifying anything that may be blocking us.


When we have a clear idea what we no longer want, the next step and the secret to change is to focusing all your energy and attention on creating something better. 

When we think back to when we were children, finding another way to getting what we wanted came naturally. We found ourselves going to great length to get the ice cream, toy or candy. Based on the reaction of our parents we adapted and adjusted our approach. Over the years, we lose touch in our creative approaches in finding another way. We come across a block and we are stopped dead in our tracks! Not knowing if we should continue and most often give up. There are even times when just the idea pops in our mind and we think of all the scenarios why it won’t work out and that is enough for us to not even try.

It's time to go back to our roots. By reconnecting to this channel and using it together with our knowledge today, you can find new ways to deal with any situation. 

This is only the beginning of seeing the infinite possibilities.

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