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I have been on a healing path since most of my life, believing there was a better version of the life that I was experiencing.

In 2000, I was living in Hawaii and was at my lowest point. Coming out of a dysfunctional relationship, I isolated myself and did not see the purpose of living life at times. Feeling as if I was living my life to please everyone else, not truly knowing what I wanted.


Thankfully I had some guidance along the way and through the most challenging times, I felt I was never alone in my journey. It was the first time I clearly heard the support and love from a place beyond what I could explain.

The path to change and leading yourself, is faced with hard situations, BUT when we overcome the emotional entanglement from the past experience, we are FREE from all negative pre-suppositions, inherited limiting beliefs and deconstructive family cycles.


Life has given you what you are capable of healing, as you created the situations for that exact purpose.

My mission and purpose in life, is to show others they are able to heal from anything, with a simple technique that healed me. So everyone who applies this technique is free from the victim mindset and empowered to create the life they truly want, acting from their hearts.


There are many ways to you can help yourself, and perhaps, we may have a moment where we walk the path side by side. If you feel this is the right step for you, contact me for insights on beyond your view point. 


 I am here for you, if you would like to know the system I have created that has successfully helped others relink to their core and change their life in the direction they truly want.

Acceptance, forgiveness and love is the key.


Do I Do What I Do...

from Envita Rose

In pursuit to understanding life’s most intriguing questions about existence, conscious living and conscious dying, Envita Rose studied various forms of healing and human psychology of living a better life, motivation and change for over 20 years with strategists, scientists, Spiritual Practitioners, Shamans, Master Healers, Mediums and many more.


Through healing and overcoming her own wounds and difficulties, she was able to access her inner heart chamber. Most are unaware that there is not only our physical heart, but a mirrored image in our etheric body. When your are in complete alignment you reach a Neutral State, Zero Point or some refer to this as Universal Consciousness.

This process changes you on a cellar level, explained by epigenetics which studies have shown based on certain conditions of your environment that can change the packing of the cellular structure transforming the original cellular form. In every cell we have the universal information and are also able to access this knowledge. The most extreme example in nature of epigenetics is a butterfly. During the metamorphosis, the larva changes to a butterfly, totally different from its original appearance and metabolism.

Epigenetics is ignited by physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. As this transformation takes place, it opens up your inner heart chamber and awakens your soul’s creation phase of your soul contract. Now assisting people across the world connect to their inner heart chambers and wholeness of who they are. Through her system The Relink, aligning the four-bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), is a way that has never been seen before. 

We are all parts of a whole and connected through a collective conscious by our inner heart chamber. When we understand everything in life is connected and every experience has a purpose, you can discover what purpose your experiences serve, and are able to then consciously direct your life to serve your purpose. This is a miracle. Every stage of growth and development is a miracle.


Envita Rose is the founder of the Non-Profit Direct Impact, which dedicates its resources to supporting people to return to a neutral state that allows change on a foundational level. She is also the CEO of TransZen, which provides products that are not just beautiful, but transcend peoples lives. 


She regularly speaks internationally, however the magic is when she is working with people directly. Creating a quantum energetic field and taking those on a transformative journey reconnecting all aspects of who they are from birth and beyond.


Achieving unusually rapid changes in people, Envita has successfully shown thousands of people how they are able to heal themselves, connecting to their purpose in this life, and relinking to their power of choice, enabling them to create and manifest what they want in their lives.

She is renowned for her caring approach and the speed in which she works. She has created effective personal and professional online courses that support in powerful personal development, human potential and spiritual insights to individuals and businesses worldwide.


Envita has decided to dedicate her life to serve others who are willing to take the steps to awaken a deeper understanding of who they are and their purpose in this life.

"We are all parts of a whole and once we are aligned within ourselves, our true potenial shines.

Making anything possible..."

- Envita Rose


Hauptstrasse 81, 8840 Einsiedeln Switzerland

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