I have been on a healing path since most of my life, believing there was a better version of the life that I was experiencing.

In 2000, I was living in Hawaii and was at my lowest point. Coming out of a dysfunctional relationship, I isolated myself and did not see the purpose of living life at times. Feeling as if I was living my life to please everyone else, not truly knowing what I wanted.


Thankfully I had some guidance along the way and through the most challenging times, I felt I was never alone in my journey. It was the first time I clearly heard the support and love from a place beyond what I could explain.

The path to change and leading yourself, is faced with hard situations, BUT when we overcome the emotional entanglement from the past experience, we are FREE from all negative pre-suppositions, inherited limiting beliefs and deconstructive family cycles.


Life has given you what you are capable of healing, as you created the situations for that exact purpose.

My mission and purpose in life, is to show others they are able to heal from anything, with a simple technique that healed me. So everyone who applies this technique is free from the victim mindset and empowered to create the life they truly want, acting from their hearts.


There are many ways to you can help yourself, and perhaps, we may have a moment where we walk the path side by side. If you feel this is the right step for you, contact me for insights to expand your view point. 


I am here for you, if you would like to know the system I have created that has successfully helped others relink to their core and change their life in the direction they truly want.

Acceptance, forgiveness and creation is the key.

I believe there are 3 important days in our lives...

1. Day you are born in this life.

2. Day you know why you are born in this life.

3. The day you pass and are reborn in your next form.

"The most powerful awareness is to know thyself."

Know Thyself

Our Misson

To inspire and empower people to direct the change, through the purity of their heart and soul conscious. 

Why Is This Important To Us...

When every single person sees the truth in their hearts, and reach a place of non-duality, we will all see each other as equal, beautiful and unique.

Our Clients 

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Our Clients Stories



Spiritual Advisor

Envita is an amazing person to work with she is over abundant in love and kindness, it really shows in her teachings and guided healing sessions. I personally highly recommend Envita.

Trust me your life will never be the same.

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Meditation in Business

I love the podcast very much.

Envita's way of healing and her profound and emphatic nature helped me to find new ways.

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The guided inner child meditation was very emotional and I felt it in my core. I have done inner child meditations before, but with Envita it was much more intense and it felt so warm and safe. I was able to open my heart and felt it through out the day.