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Starting the Course

I know this will be a life changing moment in your lives, for as you connect the essence of the truth of who you really are and having the life you always imagined.

Just a couple things to begin with.

  1. Allow your unconscious to guide you at times during the exercises. There is not right way or wrong way, just your way!

  2. We want to start by opening the gateway to your unconscious, through your feelings. We will learn a lot about how our unconscious supports in manefesting what we would like in our lives. 

Option Lines in Our Life

Power of Choice

Life is a collation of choices we have made since we were created. We are making choices every day at every single moment. Right from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep and there is still interaction with our levels of consciousness as we are sleeping. 

Decision making may seem tough, however we do and we will always choose the choice that feels best at that given time. Even if it may seem at times that the choice was not right in hindsight. We will break through the surface of your consciousness, to see what are the underlying motivators driving your feelings and clear the path. So you are able to link other feelings, which better suit you and impact your choices aligned with your true nature and purpose. Opening the many paths that are available today, to support you in having what you truly want.

Option Lines

When you believe that we are more than just physical form, you pass though one of the veils of forgetfulness. When existed in the spirit form, the thought crossed our mind, to incarnate in the densest form, the human form. Before this happens we spend our time, studying our parents, defining what lessons we wished to learn, making agreements with other souls, putting markers in place that will remind us that we are on the right path, the path that we choose for ourselves, to ensure we will learn the lesson that we desire to experience and grow spiritually.


Once our souls makes the decision to incarnate, we create a blueprint, if you will say, which indicates all the aspects of our lives. This includes everything. The location you are born, the family that you grow up in, your parents, your siblings, the partners that you will have and even your sexual orientation in order to assist you in remembering the truth of who you are, to fulfil your soul contract. Although most is pre-defined, we also have ‘Option Lines’ and it enables us to change or modify our lives, driven by our free will. There are eight ‘option lines’ within our blueprint and these are the main areas, where we learn our lessons, and therefore may present in one area or another very challenging situation.


1.      Love Within

2.      Health

3.      Financial

4.      Location Where You Live

5.      Partner

6.      Social Life

7.      Career / Calling in Life 

8.      Spiritualty

Knowing What You Want

We are all looking for something, and that can be different for every individual. It is important to have an idea what you would like to have in your life. As we go deeper you may find what you initaly wanted, could change. This interactive online course is about giving you the freedom to choose in your life. Empowering you to make the decisions other than reacting to your external circumstances. 

When you truly know that you create your life, we will share with you the tools that will keep you centered within yourself no matter what happens externally. 

The source energy in which we come from is endless and abundant. So are the possibilities of what we may have in life!

Preparing for the Course

To start off there are 2 exercises to help your mind prepare for the course. Please watch the short video and complete the worksheets attached.


The first exercise is to know what your intentions are and what you would like to have in your life. You may choose 1 topic to be the focus on during this course. At a later point, you are able to go back within the 6 months and go through the content again on another option line. It is important to choose one option line at a time. This course is not about fear or greed. Greed is based in the fear of not having enough, intertwined with many other pre-supposed ideas. 

When you know that we live in an abundant time, then you feel deep inside, you don't need everything in the world to feel safe, happy or loved. As you know it is within you, a part of you and it cannot be taken away. 

Please complete the worksheet


We are often asked to set intentions, and this action is the power of the conscious mind, however there are core intentions that we are born with and they are aligned with our Soul's Purpose. 

If you would like to consciously drive your life in the direction you would like, one key is to find your core intentions. Intentions are different for each person, and has to do with your core essence. 

Please complete the worksheet. 

"You are not a victim of your circumstances, but rather a master of your own destiny.

It is and always is, your choices and decisions that determine your destiny."


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