It does not matter what happens to us in life, but how we respond to it. 

We have the power within us to heal anything that we have faced.

Life happens for us not to us.

When you embrace all that is, you hold the key to creating the life you deserve to have.

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We create our realities with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions. It all starts with your initial feeling that leads to a thought, which forms words and leads to your actions. If you acknowledge at the source, "your feelings" you can influence your choices and ultimately your actions. This knowledge can open up new beginnings, inner-strength, positivity, striving forward, attainment and success.


This may at times require us to step outside of our comfort zones, face our fears and overcome our challenges.


By aligning your inner-world with your outer-world, you may experience major changes in your life, clarity on making decisions, personal freedom, appreciation for yourself and expanding your perception on life. Therefore understanding a deeper meaning behind your experience and learning important life lessons. 

You are encouraged to go deep within yourself to truly understand your intentions and desires. These exercises will show you new and different ways to approach things with a new perspective on what is possible. Your part is to focus on the things you desire and why they are important to you. When you experience change and notice your life improving, the allow yourself the chance for things getting better.

The timing is right to begin now and take a new direction in your life. A happy outcome and results will follow positive thoughts. The vision you have in your mind is like a blueprint, and your intentions are the key to the magnet frequency that attracts creative energies to fulfill it!

The Steps to Change Exercise

When we want change, we need to know two things.

1. What is the unwanted belief or negative experience you would like to change. 

2. What is the antonym of the negative belief or experience (WordHippo is a great website to find a selection of the opposite words from a thesaurus that can be used).


This exercise is designed to walk through the steps of where you are today, and the steps to connect to the feelings of what you want in your life. 

For this exercise, please have 5 cards available that you can put on the floor in a row in front of you. 

The first card you will write the unwanted experience or belief that came up in a previous exercise.

The second card will have +1

The third card will have +2

The fourth card will have +3

The last card will have the desired experience written in a positive way. 

As you listen to the audio, you will begin standing on the first marker and then taking each step focusing more am more on the feeling you feel when more of what you want to have starts showing up in your life. 

When you step off the last card, please walk around randomly or do a little dance, before you go back to the first cards again. 

Change Exercise


your mind

Steps to Change Audio

Guide to Steps of Change Exercises
The Steps to Change Exercise

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Everything is dual, everything has its pair of opposites, which are identical in nature but different in degree, extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled. - The Kybalion


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