NEW LIFE EXPO in NY City October 18th - 20th 2019

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Join Us During Our Lecture and FREE Workshop on MEETING YOUR SPIRITUAL PARENTS

We are all spiritual beings in a human experience.

When we were born, we are part of our mother and father, and through their unity we were created. As we are spiritual beings in a human experience, we also have Spiritual Parents. Our caring and beautiful Spiritual Mother and our strong and supportive Spiritual Father.

Many of us have felt that we were not alone, and that there is someone around us, supporting us and guiding us through our lives. This is true, and it is your Spiritual Parents. Embark on a journey to meet them and recieve their sacred message of unconditional love.

The moment has come to meet your true creators.”

When your heart connects to theirs through the source energy, a deep healing and unconditional love will unfold in your life. You will have more confidence in the decisions you make regarding the choices in your life. Allowing you to fully blossom in your true nature and purpose, as you know they are beside you, within you, and a part of you.

There is a lot to learn from their wisdom and their love. Envita Rose is grateful to share their sacred message with you, during her FREE WORKSHOP at the NEW LIFE EXPO.

If you are ready to begin the process of deep connection within yourself and your Spiritual Parents, to see you are not alone in your vision, and with their guidance you can achieve your goals and make your impact in this world. Then join us on this transformational workshop.

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