The Ion Home Generator has the ancient Shri Yantra symbol that is a holy instrument and represents the evolution of the multiverse as a result of the natural Divine Will of Godhead. The triangles representing both the masculine and feminine embodiment. It is infused with a spectrum of 80 base minerals and generates over 5500+ negative ions per minute. Negative ions act like anti-oxidants in your electromagnetic field countering the positive ions. Generates scalar energy by B.F.I.T. accessing the quantum scalar and zero point fields.

Benefits include:

  • Harmonizing your home bio-field

  • Neutralizing and protecting from EMF's (radiofrequency radiation in your home, electricity, internet connection, phone, microwaves waves, computer waves, etc.)

  • Aligns Chakras

  • Supports in clearing energy blocks 


Product Details

Material: Silver and Gold with carbon center plate

Weight and Size: 4cm x 2m and 120grams

Power Plug: EU & Switzerland - Type C


BFIT Infusion: Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) to infuse with 80 precious metals and base minerals that are 

100% Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee, if you want to return for any reason

1 year warranty for any manufacturing related matter

Designed by naturopathy doctor in Switzerland, dipl. Natural Doctor F. Kraushaar.  

Ion Home Generator

CHF 1'450.00Price
  • To be plugged in electrical socket and no maintenance needed.