Not only is the pendant beautiful, but it has the ancient Shri Yantra symbol that is a holy instrument and represents the evolution of the multiverse as a result of the natural Divine Will of Godhead. The triangles representing both the masculine and feminine embodiment. It is infused with a spectrum of 80 base minerals and generates over 1400+ negative ions per minute. Negative ions act like anti-oxidants in your electromagnetic field countering the positive ions. Generates scalar energy by B.F.I.T. accessing the quantum scalar and zero point fields.

Benefits include:

  • Harmonizing your bio-field

  • Neutralizing and protecting from EMF's (radiofrequency radiation in your cellular phone, microwaves waves, computer waves, etc.)

  • Aligns Chakras

  • Supports in clearing energy blocks and entablements


Product Details

Material: Rose Gold and carbon center plate

Weight and Size: 3cm x 3cm and 16grams

Chain: Woven cloth

BFIT Infusion: Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) to infuse with 80 precious metals and base minerals that are 

Additional Information

Age Use: Good for anyone age 5+

Daily Use: Best used during the day and take off while sleeping allowing the generator to recharge

How to use?

The most common way is to wear it around your neck. Having the pendant placed directly over your heart or thyroid is the best way to receive the overall benefits.

Place the Shri Yantra Pendant on specific locations, such as acupressure points, energy meridians or any area to send concentrated energy to the specific points for quicker results.

Energize water and food by placing them on the Sri Yantra Pendant. Fruits and vegetables go old due to oxidization, which can be counteracted by negative ions. Revitalizing and energizing your fruits and vegetables, making them taste better and stay fresher longer.

The Sri Yantra Pendant can also be used on pets. Simply place the pendant where your pets rest and it will create an electromagnetic field around them. It can also be placed on their collar and please take off in the evenings to recharge.

100% Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee, if you want to return for any reason

1 year warranty for any manufacturing related matter

Designed by naturopathy doctor in Switzerland, dipl. Natural Doctor F. Kraushaar.  

Shri Yantra Negative Ion Pendant Rose Gold Edition

CHF 440.00Price
  • To be used during the day and taken off in the evening to recharge over night.