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We provide a foundation for personal development and expansion to strengthen our clients sense of greater purpose in life, well being and hapiness through natural products and personalized services. 


in a time of increasing change, it is our mission to connect people to products and services that come from the heart and designed by harnessing the quintessence of nature.  We focus on encompasing the primary stages of transendence. Through the evolution beyond self, beyond the past and beyond time & space to master the essence of just being. ​​

"To master a new state of being,
we shall first explore the many possibilities of our multi-dimensionality."

- Envita Rose 

"When you let go of all limitations, you let in all the possibilites."

- Envita Rose 



We are all here to heal and close cycles. You have been given all the resrouces to understand your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and actions, to transform blocked energy to support you in achieving what your heart desires.

Work with us to tranzen your life and activate your multidimensional abilites.


Everything is connected and the success of your business is linked to your inner beliefs. At our core foundation we are given what we need, but do not access or apply our inner resources. We support your business in shifting your inner beliefs and connecting to your inner foundation, to apply in your business and be the foundation of your success.


Transform the energy in your personal and professional space by harnessing and wielding the energies of crystal combined with a ritual for purification, to transform the energy in your home and office.

As all is energy in a form of potential energy (stored or blocked energy) or kinetic energy (flowing energy), you many have felt when the energy in your surrounding becomes stagnant, it feels dense and can even affect the way you feel. When you cleanse your personal space with a ritual for purification it opens up the stored energy to flow again and join with the natural geometry of the crystals is anchors your intention, having a positive long-term effect on your home or office.

Contact us today to set up your personal consultation and arrange your bespoke ceremony for your home or office.

Life changing retreat in Egypt in April 2022. 

Together with TransZen team we created a very unique Transformational Mastermind Retreat to master the art of self-healing, self-leadership and self-transformation. 

Embark on a journey where you will experience an Ancient Egyptian Healing Technique at a secret sacred site exclusive to our group. Learn proven techniques on how to direct change, create a life you love and be an authority in your field. This once in a lifetime retreat will shift your paradigms and expand your consciousness on multi-levels. 

To CREATE our FUTURE, we shall HEAL our PAST, by doing the WORK in the PRESENT.

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Golden Hexagon with Circles.png
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