There are many reasons to take your time to slow down, mentally detox and go inward. If you are seeking more in life and are looking for deep soul connection or a more meaningful direction in life, then this retreat is calling you.

Our Soul Retreats

To reconnect to ourselves, we must disconnect to our daily life, patterns and behaviors. Join us for our Soul Retreats, reconnecting to the eternal light, which emanates from your soul. Connecting to your inner light and creating the space for it to shine where ever you are, so there is no darkness, as the light radiates from your heart. 

This is more than a spiritual retreat and is created to align and balance yourself. When you return to your daily life, you will feel more at peace, calmer and a sense of deep love and gratitude that you have never felt before. 

19 Reasons Why to Come...

  • Deep Healing Sessions

  • Expand Your Consciousness

  • Breathwork Exercises

  • Experience Quantum Healing Constellations

  • Detox Your Mind and Body

  • Learn How to Open Your Core Chakras

  • Daily Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Well Being Workshops

  • Practice Mindfulness

  • Understand How to Manifest Your Desires

  • Teaching of the Principles of Spirituality & Universal Laws

  • See a Beautiful Spiritual Destination

  • Car Service To and From the Airport

  • Formal Dinner

  • An Energetic Body Massage

  • Deductible as a Business Expense 

  • Fun Social Events and Surrounded by Like-Minded People and rooms are based on double occupancy

  • Fascinating Recreational Activities (Hiking, Yoga and so much more)

  • Take Time for Yourself

  • Return Refreshed Knowing How to Tap Into Your Endless Energy Source 

Treat Yourself



May 2021

Connect to Your Soul

Silence isn't empty,

it's filled with answers.

May 2021


$4'599.00 or 3 installments CHF/$1'600.00


$1'600 or 3 installments CHF/$600.00


Ages 0 - 6 No Additional Cost

Ages 6 - 11 CHF/$700.00

Ages 12 - 15 CHF/$1200.00

Please read the following carefully from the beginning to the end. In order to qualify for a refund for the Spiritual Retreat in Switzerland,

I have fully read, fully understand and agree to the terms & conditions of the retreat and refund possibilities. I authorize the charges references above.

I agree for Envita Rose to maintain my contact information for updates regarding the retreat, and in doing so, I will receive updates, notices of seminars and events, announcements, and other promotions.

I acknowledge that airfare and gratuities are NOT included.

I acknowledge that all fees are non-refundable once paid.

I understand that prices are based on double/shared occupancy.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own travel insurance, in order to request a cancellation.

I understand that Envita Rose Corp. shall not be held responsible in any personal injury, loss or damage whether mental, emotional, or physical howsoever sustained, resulting or arising from any error, omission or negligence or any company or person, agent, employee, or sub-contractor supplying any of these services as part of your Spiritual Retreat.

I am ready for FUN!


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